Badugi Poker

Betting and Drawing in Badugi

Drawing is fairly straight forward most of the time. Most often you draw the number of cards needed for a chance to make a Badugi. Poor 3-card hand are sometimes better off broken though if one card is high (depending on the competition in the hand). Even poor badugis should sometimes be broken if competition is fierce. If you have made a Badugi you should, again, generally bet it agressively (as long as you have reason to believe that you are ahead). This is especially true if your Badugi is rather bad and everyone else is drawing. You have nothing to gain from sneaking around with such a hand only to be outdrawn.

If you have a poor Badugi, like queen high (in Badugi terms “pat queen”) and one or more people in the pot are standing pat, you could be faced with a rather nasty decision whether to fold or not. If your hand can be improved greatly from a successful draw.

The right option would often be to call a bet and discard the queen in the next draw for a shot at a great hand. This is especielly true if there are many people in the pot and the pot is not raised aggressively. You are then given fair odds of chasing a lower spade.

Fair 3-card hands should be bet agressively in position if no one has bet the pot, especially short-handed or facing a tight field. This leaves a tough decision for your opponents having mediocre hands, and they may fold their hands. If you get check-raised, you should consider your pot-odds (see basic odds) of making a great hand on the next street. If you get just called though by one or two players who again draw cards on the following street, you could consider bluffing by standing pat (in Badugi terms “snowing”) and bet again (unless someone has bet in front of you). This will have your hand look really strong, and as long as they are drawing and you have a decent 3-card hand, you may still even be ahead if called. The showdown value of such hands should not be underestimated. (More on snowing further down).

There are lots of information to be gotten from how your opponents are drawing. Visit entropay casinos sa to leran more. Obviously if they draw 2 or more cards their hand should stay weak, if they drew 1 card unless they got very funky they should have had a 3 card hand and probably (about 3 out of 4) will have it also after the draw.