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How Video Game Cheatcodes Work

The “Death is silence” cheat code actually does a little more than give you a heat-seeking hatchet. It’ll actually gift Arthur a full arsenal of stealth-based weapons, including a machete, an entire assortment of different knives, and some regular old tomahawks, too.

If you’re getting tired of heading into firefights guns blazing, “Death is silence” helps make stealth a much more viable option. It won’t turn Red Dead Redemption 2 into Metal Gear Solid, but the change of pace is still welcome. If you don’t want to use cheats, you can craft a homing tomahawk by buying a regular tomahawk from a fence, and then attaching an owl feather. You’ll also need the homing tomahawk schematics, which you can find near Moonstone Pond. Look for the house that’s been flattened by a tree. If you can’t find it — or if you just don’t feel like trying — hit the cheat code, and go put those hatchets to work. Or you can just win your honest real money here:

Red Dead Redemption 2 goes out of its way to make you love your horse. If you don’t clean your horse regularly, it’ll lose health. If you don’t pet it enough, you’ll never build the bond it takes to execute unique moves.

When your horse gets scared, it’s up to you to give your trusty steed a comforting pat on the nose. Like real pets, Red Dead Redemption 2’s horses can be very rewarding. Also like real pets, they can be a ton of work. Too much work, maybe. That’s where “My kingdom is a horse” comes in. This cheat code will increase the bond that you have with every single horse that you own, whether you’re currently riding it or not.

That means, if you’re feeling lonely, you can quickly give Arthur Morgan an entire stable full of new best friends. It also means that, once you collect a team of horses that’ll handle every situation, you don’t need to spend extra time riding them to level them up. They’ll all love you instantly. Aside from the Western setting, Red Dead Redemption 2 doesn’t have a lot in common with Red Dead Revolver, the game that launched the franchise.

The Redemption games are sprawling open-world experiences. Revolver is a linear third-person shooter. The games do have one thing in common: the Dead Eye mechanic. The feature causes time to slow to a crawl during gunplay, giving the player ample time to target specific body parts and multiple enemies before unleashing a hail of bullets. When the game begins, your Dead Eye abilities are limited.

You can still go into slow-motion to but you can’t get much more fancy about it. Where’s the fun in that? Red Dead Redemption 2 can occasionally feel like it’s moving sort of slow, and many players don’t want to wait to be a top-tier gunslinger.

That’s who the cheat code “I seek and I find” is for. Input the code to boost your Dead Eye abilities to their maximum level immediately. It’ll make for a bunch of unfair fights, but Arthur Morgan is an outlaw.